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MTN Scheduled SMS

schedule your messages to be sent at the appropriate time!

MTN Scheduled SMS allows you to send a short message at a convenient time.

How it works:

Simply send recipient’s number DDMMhhmm your message to 169
For example: 078xxxxxxx 30040905 happy birthday and send to 169

What is the cost?

Rwf 12 per SMS

What are the benefits?

You don’t have to forget to send an important message.
Scheduled SMS is very easy to use and convenient.
You have the option to cancel the message if you are not sure about it.



Q: What is MTN Scheduled SMS?

A: MTN Scheduled SMS is a service that enables you to schedule your short messages to be sent at your convenient time.

Q: Can I schedule the SMS for any time?

A: Yes, the SMS can be scheduled any time, there is no limitation.

Q: Do I pay a subscription fee?

A: No subscription fee needed, Scheduled SMS is only charged per sent SMS.

Q: How do I unsubscribe from the service?

A: Since there is no subscription, you cannot unsubscribe either. You will only be charged per SMS sent.


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