MTN Internet

MTN Internet – now just 55 Rwf per Mb or 18,000rwf. MTN Internet is available for phones and for computers – all you need is a data enabled phone or a 3G modem to get access to MTN internet.

With MTN Internet you can:

  • Access Internet on your mobile phone
  • Access Internet on your PC by connecting mobile phone through cable.
  • Access Internet on your PC by connecting mobile phone through Bluetooth
  • Access Internet on your PC by connecting mobile phone through external modem

MTN Internet is available on all mobile phones that are GPRS enabled! All you need is to activate your MTN Internet account and have an internet activated SIM card.

How to activate Mobile Internet on Phones

MTN Internet activation on phones will vary from handset to handset but generally this will fall in settings under the connection option.

Example: For Nokia 6120, Nokia E 71, Nokia E61, Nokia E51, Nokia N73, Nokia N78, Nokia N95 and Nokia E65 the steps are; Tools – Settings – Connection – Access point – Edit Available Access Point, and Change the Access point name to – (Small Caps)

How to Activate Mobile Internet on Modems

1) M 75 SAMBA Modems and HUAWEI E170 Modems.
The steps are: Internet - General Setup - Menu  - Right click on Internet Connections - Connections - Identification - Properties Press Ok. - APN: (Small Caps)

2) HUAWEI E 220 MODEMS and other modems not bought at MTN.
The steps are: Profile - Options - Tools APN: - * MTN - Profile Name - Edit - Management - (Small Caps) * Static save Access number *99# and set as default.

How to Activate Computer Internet

Visit an MTN Center to purchase a modem, SIM card & to obtain the settings and instructions for entering the settings on your computer.

If you are purchasing MTN Internet for you laptop, be sure to bring it in with you to receive technical assistance.

If you are purchasing MTN Internet for your desktop computer and have issues entering the settings, contact MTN Customer Support at 456 to walk you through the process.

What is the Cost

Its costs 30rwf per Mb.

You can now browse for only 10rwf/Mb everyday between 01:00am and 6:00am. Available on both MTN Internet (3.75G) and MTN Hotspot (Wi-Fi).

You can also choose to subscribe to the monthly MTN Internet package that costs 18,000rwf per month. This is only applicable to post paid customers.

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