What is Voicemail

Your calls will be answered by the Voicemail service when you cannot answer your mobile phone, if you are on another call, you’re in an area not covered by your network, your phone is switched off, or you are out of the country. The caller will hear your personalized greeting and will be able to leave you a message which you can retrieve for free by dialing the access code 120 at any time locally, or +25078120 if you are dialing from abroad or 078120 if you are using a phone that is not yours.

How to Activate

You need to set up your phone to use the Voicemail service for the first time.

Decide if you will receive Voicemail messages from callers when:

  • Your line is unreachable (switched off or out of coverage area)
  • You do not answer
  • Your line is busy (You are on the phone with someone else)
  • All voice calls (all your calls will be diverted to your Voicemail)

*The preferred option is when unreachable.

You can initiate the divert on your phone to 174xxxxxxx where x are the last 7 digits of your number (MSISDN). Or you can call customer care to activate the divert for you. Customer care will also do the one time provisioning of your Voicemail service.

How to Use

Listening to your Voicemail messages

To listen to your Voicemail messages you need to know the following short codes.

  • 120 dialing this short code for the first time takes you to the tutorial on how to use Voicemail . If you already know how to use Voicemail, press * to go directly to the main menu. This short code will subsequently take you to the main menu.
  • When listening to your message you can press 1 1 to go back to the beginning of the message or press 3 3 to go to the end of the message. You can press # to save the message or press 5 to * the message. You can always go to tutorial by dialing 120. All these short codes are free. There is no charge while listening.
  • 122 This short code allows you to change your Voicemail box password. This is to prevent someone else to access your mail box by common access. This password is always asked when accessing your mail box via common access.
  • 123 This short code also takes you directly to your messages but unlike 120. It does not bring you to the mail menu.
  • 124 This short code enables you to directly record your personal greeting. This is the greeting your callers will here when they call your Voicemail. The default is “you have reached the Voicemail of 078xxxxxxx at the tone record your message” You need to change this to something like “This is the Voicemail of mike. Please leave me a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible” you can personalize it as you want, edit it and save it.
  • 125 This short code checks if you have any new messages only. Does not care about played messages.

Language Options

Your Voicemail is by default set in the French language which is option 2. If you want to change to English you will need to dial 120 and go to language menu to change to option 1 which is English. If you cannot do this, call customer care and they will do it for you from the Voicemail node.

What is the Cost

Retrieving a Voicemail is free, but leaving a voice message on a phone is the same charge as a local call.

What are the Benefits

  • Never miss an important call.
  • Improve your professionalism in the office.
  • Take your business to the next level.

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