GI Firewall Upgrade:

The Network Upgrade program is still underway as our Engineers continue working tirelessly day and night, to make sure that our customers experience better services. On 13th February 2018 at around midnight, our gritty Engineers at MTN Remera Innovation were absorbed in an assignment of upgrading the GI Firewall.

Our Hero Engineers on duty, late in the night

A GI Firewall is the interface to the internet that protects both its packet core infrastructure and subscribers from attacks, minimizes service interruptions, and increases network uptime.

“Today's mobile networks have an increasing demand for bandwidth, scale and quality of service, as well as the need to concurrently support legacy networks and many new services”; said Eng. Olivier Kabanda.

The Engineers expounded that the ongoing GI Firewall upgrade consists of replacing legacy GI Firewalls and increasing throughput to above 10Gbps and session Capacity increase to at a minimum of 10 million sessions.

“MTN Rwanda aims to upgrade its packet core network considering rapid increase in data traffic”, he added.

As we continue to strive towards ensuring the best services and making our customers’ lives a whole lot brighter, we will keep bringing you the latest on the Network Upgrade program.


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