Who Called

With Who Called; you will never have to worry about what calls you might have missed! This SMS service from MTN lets you know who called while your phone was off or out of network range.

How to Activate

Call the MTN Call Center at 456 to activate or deactivate this service. All calls to MTN Call Center are free!

How to Use

MTN sends you a message that says “Please call 0788700000” if for example a person with the number 0788700000 tried to call you while your phone was turned off. Once you receive an SMS from MTN you will know who’s call you missed and can decide if and when to call them back.

What is the Cost

Who Called is free of charge!

What are the Benefits

  • You will always know who tried to call you while your phone was off; when you’re out of coverage range; or had a low battery!
  • Feel comfortable turning off your phone during meetings or events; knowing that you will never miss an important call.

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