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  • Overview

As part of MTN Rwanda’s commitment to bring quality and innovative services to our subscriber base we have launched the ‘Twitter’ service via SMS. ‘Twitter’ is a real-time information network; powered by people all around the world; that lets you share and discover what’s happening now.

This service allows any MTN subscriber who wishes to use Twitter; to link their twitter account to their MTN Mobile number enabling them to send and receive Twitter notifications “Tweets” and direct messages sent to their twitter account via SMS.

How Does it Work?

A subscriber with an existing account or without a Twitter account can use Twitter SMS.

How to Activate Twitter SMS

There are two methods: SMS and WEB

Activation via SMS

Action Reply Message
Send Start to 3434

Welcome to Twitter! Reply w/SIGNUP to begin. Already on Twitter? Reply with your USERNAME. (Std msg rates apply. Reply w/HELP for more.)

In case you don’t have a Twitter account already; send SIGNUP to 3434 Great! You just need a username. This is how you’ll be known on Twitter. Reply with the username you want to use. (max 15 characters; no spaces; like Tweetie113)
If existing user on Twitter; send your username to 3434 Hi; @username. Reply w/ your password to register this phone to your Twitter account. (Password is case sensitive! Phone may capitalize the 1st letter)
Send your password to 3434 Your password is correct! Reply w/OK to confirm you want to use Twitter with this phone.
Send OK  to 3434

You’re all set up to use Twitter with this phone. Types a Tweet anytime; just send it to this number.

Send ON to 3434 Notifications are now on. Reply w/OFF to turn them off. Reply w/SET for additional notification settings help.

Activation via web

  1. Log on
  3. Log in using your twitter username and password
  5. Select Rwanda and MTN; and then add your mobile number.


What is the Cost and What is the Payment Mode?

All messages (Tweets) sent to 3434 will be charged at the standard MTN SMS rate for both Prepaid and Postpaid Customers which is currently 10 RWF.

How Can I Get It?

All the subscriber needs to do to get started is type START to 3434 and their on the way to setting up; signing up for and accessing their Twitter account via sms.

Main and Additional features

The MTN Twitter SMS service enables you to carry out all the activities you would ordinarily do on your web twitter account only that you can now do it via sms using the simple commands below:

Once set up and the service is activated; any message sent to 3434updates your twitter status real time.

Other functions you are can carry out are:

FOLLOW username
Start following a user

UNFOLLOW username
Stop following a user

Turn all Tweet notifications on or off

ON/OFF username
Set Tweet notifications for a user on or off (you'll still be following them even if you set it to off)

GET username
Shows you the latest tweet from any user

RT username
Retweet a user's latest tweet

FAV username
Favorite a user's latest tweet

D username your-message
Send a direct message to a user



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