Publicell, located in Remera opposite Amahoro national stadium, offers GSM public phones that can withstand all the elements and constant use. The free Publicell hotline number 3231.

What is the Phone Cost

Publicell offers Tellumat mobile deskphones for 150,000 Rwf which must be paid at the Publicell office. Each public phone sold comes with the official MTN vest that must be worn by the dealer when offering calls.

What is the Call Cost

BCS/Publicell to Vendor Tariffs
Destination Tariff Per Second Tariff Per Minute
MTN 2 Rwf 120 Rwf
Rwandatel 3 Rwf 180 Rwf
Regional 3 Rwf 180 Rwf
Rest of Africa 4 Rwf 240 Rwf
US/Canada/China 5 Rwf 300 Rwf
Rest of World 5 Rwf 300 Rwf

All prices are VAT Inclusive


What is the Profit

Airtime recharge cards can be purchased at MTN Centers or authorized dealers for 16,000 Rwf, giving you 20,000 Rwf-worth of airtime. That translates into a profit margin of 20% of each call that you sell.

How to Activate

To activate your public phone, you simply set a security code and recharge it with airtime.

How to Use

A customer must prepay for any call, in intervals of 20 Rwf. Your dealer must punch in that amount and allow the customer to place a call. If the customer does not use the entire pre-paid amount, the dealer will offer change. All transactions are easily inputted through navigation buttons and verified by the digital screen.

How it is Secure

Each phone comes equipped with a coded SIM card that cannot be used on any other phone. And the dealer-established security code offers another level of protection.


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