MTN Closed User Group

Does your business maintain at least two mobile phone numbers? Through MTN Closed User Group, get unlimited inter-organizational calls and SMS for a low monthly fee!

How it Works

Sign up all your corporate mobile accounts with MTN Closed User Group and, for a low monthly fee, your employees will have unlimited airtime for calls and SMS to each other. When calling or sending a message outside your user group, normal rates will apply.

How to Activate

Visit an MTN Center or an authorized dealer near you to sign up for this money-saving Business Solution. Or call 457 to connect to the MTN Call Center to schedule a free business consultation.

What is the Cost

Lines Price (RWF) Vat Incl
2 to Unlimited 5,000

All Closed User Group customers can enjoy free SMS within their group!
Calls outside of your Closed User Group will be billed at the normal rates.

What are the Benefits

  • Stay within your budget without limiting your calls among co-workers.
  • Keep open channels of communication among your employees at all times.
  • Use mobile calls to do more than just check in, problem-solve and strategize on the phone without having to think about airtime.

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